hi i'm alex. i'm 16, and i'm a mutant. i'm rly lame and i game/cry a lot and i really hate hugh dancy. click here if ya wanna know more homie |

amazing photoshop skills i know

wow ok hello!! i probably forgot some people and i’m sorry!! i love all of you a lot uwu and even though i haven’t talked to 98% of you, i admire you from the sidelines. 

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  buttfuckingbrothers   brokeback-purgatory   babyangelofthegarrison   castielwillavengesherlock   coulsonsvintagecards   casamancy   captainshayhey   do-you-have-a-flag   destielkittens   destiels-love-cant-be-broken   deancasotp   elenafisher   evestiel   gaywolf   hallucifer   hedgehogsinthetardis   homosexualgerard   keelah-kawaii   luminousrogue   lookinghardforhope   mapalap   mightyheroes   novakian   starfleetgrad   sansaofhousestark   shewolves   sexygaius   the-winchester-initiative

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